Experience of a family

Would there be more between “heaven and earth”? This question is not difficult to answer for us (family with three children). On the other hand. In the last 20 years so many, not only small but also great miracles (events) have happened that we can no longer say whether this is a coincidence or whether we dreamed it. We had our first experience with a clairvoyant who helped us move and heal two people. At first we had little faith and were stubborn, but after a while this man was right. The man had, so to speak, a thriving “business” and many people were full of praise for him. Unfortunately, as time went on, the money he made from it became more and more important. He misused his gifts and it wasn’t long before his predictions were no longer correct. In the meantime we had been in trouble for several years and were finally looking for another clairvoyant. This was someone who could tell us a lot on the phone about why everything went wrong for us. In order to be more resilient to misery and all sorts of other things that were not resolved, our house and stables had to be “cleaned”. Many clairvoyants use this word instead of “worked out” as it was called earlier. The good day came that our company was cleaned with incense and candlelight, but here, too, there were disadvantages that we did not know at the time. This clairvoyant did not have the knowledge and the strength to properly guide evil spirits to the light. The time it took for the ghosts was more than 24 hours. She had warned us not to be careful (she knew something could happen herself), but nevertheless something very serious happened a day later. After that day everything went better, until after many years we moved again and I felt negative about myself. I have often felt certain things or messages that were bad for us a day or more before. After running around with it for two years, I had had enough, felt more depressed and didn’t feel like doing anything. I had often looked for this problem on the website and also because hardly a day had passed without this miserable feeling, I ended up with Irma. At the beginning of January she cleaned our stable and our house and we hung up a few additional crosses ourselves. Everything was well prepared and every corner was treated with incense and candlelight. It wasn’t cheap, but it was a 300% difference from the previous clairvoyant. Later, crosses were also placed on photos of people who, in their opinion, spread a lot of negativity and even black magic. Immediately with their help, the oppressive, negative feeling for me was much less. A few weeks later, when crosses were placed on two photos, the strange feeling was completely gone. It’s been going well so far and to keep it going we occasionally go around with incense and whey water and light a candle in different places. Irma, we hope that you can help more people and that people who no longer like it will come to you. Thank you Irma and a lot of strength and luck. A family

Julia’s experience

We came to Irma for our oldest daughter Julia. Julia has not been comfortable in her own skin for years, she has a lot of anger outbursts at home and sleeping is also a problem. They don’t notice it at school and with strangers, but it all bottoms up and it comes out at home. She has no natural filter and stores everything in her head. Eventually we had her tested at an institution, which revealed many characteristics of autism. She has been given medication to get her mind to rest. But none of this helped.

She once told me that she heard voices in her head and that this lady was not friendly. I indicated to Irma that she sometimes has voices in her head, then the answer came that it was a woman who was bothering her, who had committed suicide. Julia was also very concerned with death at times. Irma advised us to do a cross treatment, in our house and Julia herself too.

In the week before the cross treatment I bought a cross for a chain for everyone in the family. To protect us from the entities. I told this at home, when Julia heard this she went crazy. This went so far that Julia wanted to literally pull the cross off her sister’s neck. (She was not allowed to wear a cross at that time, but only after she had been treated herself). Afterwards I always had the feeling that I had to look back in the house, always the feeling that there was someone more than I could see, now I don’t have that anymore. Julia went to Irma a few days later for further treatment, at first she was skittish, which she always has with people she does not know, but after the treatment she talked to Irma as if she had known her for years.

Irma indicated that we had to find another school for her, because at the moment she was “swimming”, being bullied and not receiving proper guidance from the teachers. After the treatment we immediately went to get information from another, much smaller school. Here she was right at home, she even had a chat with the unknown director. Very special for us to experience.

We are now awaiting the message if she can come here. But Julia herself is sure. We are now 3 weeks later and Julia has been treated a number of times. We had a completely different child, she still has outbursts, but not nearly as many as before the cross treatment. She takes a shower every night, after showering she makes an imaginary balloon around herself. Then she goes to sleep and takes a shower in the morning to rinse off. After this she again makes an imaginary balloon around her. It used to be a struggle to get her in the shower, now it’s normal. She talks a lot more and shouts less. She is now on a sugar-free diet on the advice of Irma.

We have come much further in these 3 weeks than in all those years behind us, with all the conversations at various agencies. We have gained more insight into Julia and also clarity on how to proceed with her.

Irma, thank you very much for your actions and conversations!

You are a special, warm and friendly person!

We are grateful to get to know you.


My experience as a parent after cross treatment

One day at TV Oost there was a broadcast in which Irma Kamp was speaking. My son Stan saw this and said: mommy I want to go to this woman, just make an appointment for me.

My son is paranormal, he is bothered by this himself, I thought this is no longer possible, he had moderate concentration at school, the performances suffer because he was not feeling well, awake a lot at night because he sees ghosts and then he yells go away, but then they don’t leave, it then takes an hour to an hour and a half for Stan to calm down. The whole family suffered, including my daughter. I’ve always had the feeling that there was something more with Stan, went to a psychologist, but he soon didn’t want to go there anymore. My husband didn’t like all of this, he got grumpy about it, and then we had words among ourselves because we didn’t have the same thoughts about Stan. Until I made an appointment with Irma after the summer vacation.

I went to Irma with Stan, and after this appointment he was so relaxed, and Irma went to our house and she did a cross treatment, the whole house was smoked with incense and light (tea lights). Then she went home and Stan had to stay in the pool for about 45 minutes, while Irma went home to treat Stan’s photo. Stan also had to wear a cross, he faithfully wears this every day, then you chase away the ghosts and it really helps. Every week we had an appointment with Irma and then there was talk and magnetization, which makes him feel very good. Irma has given him guidance on how to deal with it, he has to close himself off every day, take a shower in the morning and evening and every day. If he forgets this once, it is wrong, so this has just become his regular ritual.

Since Irma, our son Stan has been a very sweet, focused boy, the whole family has benefited and is back in balance.

In the months of January and December we have been with her every week, because those are the worst months for paranormal people because then the entities are down, now we go to her once a month and Stan is doing great. Stan indicates this himself, that he wants to go to Irma every month.

We would like to thank Irma for what she has done for all of us, we could always call her, she was always there for us, even on Sundays and Christmas Eve she was there. I can recommend it to everyone to go to Irma with a paranormal child, she is a wonderful human being and helped us a lot.

Stan’s mother.