You can make an appointment for various consultations and treatments. Below an overview of the different consultations I give. Click on the links for more information about the treatment.

For an appointment you can between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm
call at 0031 6 16 27 31 00 or mail to

Would you like more information about the treatments and / or rates below? Then you can send an email to .

Magnetizing is the relief of pain by radiating and transmitting energy. This does not work for everyone. Four treatments are enough for most complaints. Then the result must also be measurable, otherwise it will not work.

Duration of the treatments:
– maximum 30 minutes
– maximum 45 minutes

By concentrating on photos, objects, business cards or handwritten materials I take a trip to the past or the future. I see this as playing a movie for me. I can give you all this, you will have to draw your own conclusions from this. I can only pass on the images and give you my view on this.

Duration of the treatments:
– private: maximum 60 minutes
– business: maximum 60 minutes

Clairvoyant (reincarnation)

For example, by using a baby photo I can go back to past lives. It often becomes clear why people in this life have trauma or fears. This may be due to a previous life. People keep meeting each other in the next life until the problems are solved.

Duration of treatment:
– Five lives back, maximum 60 minutes

Cross treatment houses
Cross-treatment of houses, this is the freeing of a house of forces that can negatively affect its inhabitants.

Duration of the treatments:
– all homes can be cross-treated.

Price on request (depending on the house size)

Cross-treatment for humans
This is the removal of an identity from or around a person. The complaints one has often consist of strange feelings that one experiences. That you want to turn left and turn right. The feeling that someone else is controlling you from the inside. When I look you in the eye I feel and experience this identity. This manifests itself to me because I see a gray film before your eyes when I look at it with concentration. Treatment is only possible after I have spoken with you and a clear treatment plan has been agreed.

Duration of treatment (package):
– 1 time: maximum 45 minutes
– 6 times: magnetizing, for restoring energy balance
– package to be paid in full in advance

Magnetizing energy back
To rebalance a person by radiating energy.

Duration of treatment:
– maximum 30 minutes

Telephone consultations

Duration of treatment:
– maximum 60 minutes
– Money must be transferred in advance. If the money is in the account and you have provided an e-mail with photos, the names of the people and your telephone number, we can make an appointment.
– My bank number is: NL30 RABO 0148 316 298

Email consultation

Consultation also possible in my practice (by appointment) or by telephone.

Character Analysis
Send me your first and last name (also maiden name) by e-mail. Then you will receive a short description of your character from me. But also a number of lines about your future. If you want an extra comprehensive answer, the time that I work more on it will be charged.

Therefore clearly state what you want. This also applies to every consultation.

Clairvoyant Perceptions (Private or Business)
If you send me 8 questions, with accompanying photos, you will receive an answer for each question. If you have a business, you can email a business card or a photo of the business.

Reincarnation consultation
If you would like a reincarnation consultation, you can also ask 8 questions by e-mail .
Please enclose a baby photo and a recent photo in the attachment.

The costs for the above consultations must be paid in advance to:
Irma Kamp, Hengelo (Netherlands)
bank account no .: NL30RABO0148316298

You will receive an answer from me after transferring the amount.

Home consultation

Duration of treatment:
– In consultation

Character analyzes via names
Character analysis is possible, among other things, through first and last names. With the help of a name I can receive information about the character of that person.

Duration of treatment:
– 15 minutes


If you would like information about the rates for the above treatments, please send an email to .

Make an appointment

For an appointment, please call 0031 6 16 27 31 00 between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm.
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