My name is Irma Kamp and I am a medium.
As a medium I have experience in various areas:

Clairvoyance (clear-seeing)
that is, I travel backward or forward through time.
Then I see everything like a movie playing before me. This can be done with the help of photos, business cards or objects.

Clairaudience (clear-hearing)
I speak with the deceased, if they are open to this and if they want to contact you, through me.

Clairsentience (clear-feeling)
I perceive what is going on inside you, what you are worried about. How you think about life and what you can change about it.

Clairalience (clear-smelling)
that is, I have contact through scents that are in a space. There I can indicate an experience or statement.

Below is a brief description of how I experienced this.

I was born and raised in Hengelo Twente. My parents had four children, of which I am the third child. They were dear parents, we felt safe and protected.

From the age of five to nineteen, our family lived outside. During that time my psychic feeling started to develop. When I went upstairs to my bedroom at night, I always felt anxious that I couldn’t place it. That insight came later. During the weekly divine service in the Catholic Church, I kept staring at the walls as a child. Faces came through in all kinds of shapes and then I sank deeper and deeper into a kind of trance. Those faces in the walls were real.

I got my first appearance when I was eight years old. This apparition appeared before my bed in an astral body. Because I was scared, I threw a pillow at it. She stood for a while and then dissolved all at once. Later I understood that she was my guardian angel Gabrielle.

When I was seventeen, I regularly went to my grandparents’ grave to take care of this. On the way to the grave, the deceased who sat on their graves spoke to me and smiled at me. They were always very friendly and nice. One day when I was walking back I saw another apparition on the left side of the path. The apparition stood before a strange grave. I immediately knew it was my guardian angel Gabrielle again.

When I was twenty-one she showed herself for the third time. This happened while I was brushing my long hair in front of the mirror. I saw her in the mirror, she smiled at me and I turned my head, looked over my shoulder and then she was gone. Shortly afterward, she began relaying messages and called herself Gabrielle. She helps me to deal with the (paranormal) issues that I experience in my life every day. Gabrielle protects and warns me and delivers messages from the other side.

Besides Gabrielle I also have contact with Elisa, a guardian angel who supports me in more difficult and complicated matters.

During my childhood I often played with friends that other children did not see. In my mind I had entire conversations with them, that was the most normal thing for me.

From the age of twelve I started to lay cards. This was a tool for me to further develop my concentration in clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairaudience (clear-hearing), clairsentience (clear-feeling) and clairalience (clear-smelling).

My curiosity was aroused by the unknown, which called me very strongly.

During my life I have had a lot of setbacks and for this I paid heavy tuition fees. My second guardian angel Elisa has always supported me a lot in this. It is precisely these setbacks that have made me stronger and ready to be there for others and to offer my gifts to others.

My clairvoyance allows me to go back in time. For example, through a baby photo I can see past lives and often also why people in this life have trauma or fears. This can often be traced back to past life experiences. People keep meeting each other in the next life until they have processed the negative experiences.

You get your life lessons by listening, looking, also at yourself. By continuing to develop and by cleaning up. Stay positive and keep going. Each of us is here to learn through trial and error. It is never too late for that.

Open yourself up to become aware of all the years you have been here. When your time has come, don’t fear the above. It is beautiful there, safe and clear as on a warm spring day.

Rest assured you will receive a warm welcome.

With kind regards,

Irma Kamp